A report is included in each of the three annual issues of Český hlas presenting chapter activities that occurred since the previous issue was published and providing information relating to upcoming activities.


The links below are to newsletters which provide more details and contain information to keep membership informed of chapter happenings.


BVCHS Spring 2024 Newsletter Final.pdf (2874651)

BVCHS Spring 2023 Newsletter Final.pdf (1,8 MB)

BVCHS Summer 2022 Newsletter .pdf (741985)

BVCHS January 2022 Newsletter (1) (1).pdf (525,9 kB)

BVCHS July 2021 Newsletter.pdf (731583)

BVCHS January 2021 Newsletter.pdf (223943)

BVCHS June 2020 Newsletter-converted (1).docx (215005)

BVCHS January 2020 Newsletter.pdf (445565)

BVCHS September 2019 Newsletter.pdf (1,8 MB)

BVCHS March 2019 Newsletter (1).pdf (781,8 kB)